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who: Galnir and Shindrika
What: too good not to post! Meta format though!
When: I have no clue. Sometime? We don't have to count it as IC if we don't wanna

 Galnir: *eyes*

Shindrika: Dammit. Not again.

galrni: *smirk*


Galnir: *tackles*

Shindrika: *CRASHWTF!*

Galnir: *punches!*

Shindrika: *WHAT THE HELL he ogles me then he punches me?!* *PUNCH!*

Galnir: *grins toothily*

Shindrika: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU. *tries to throw him off!*

Galnir: *thrown off, wipes mouth*

Shindrika: I'm getting out of this town. >.<

Galnir: Coward

Shindrika: *Gets up; highly irritated* And what exactly am I afraid of?

Galnir: What you cannot see

Shindrika: I've told you already; I fear nothing. I'm just getting tired of your weird antics.

Galnir: *smirks*

Shindrika: I'll ask you again: what do you want from me? Why do you persist in stirring my irritation?

Galnir: You are easily provoked.
Shindrika: It's not difficult to provoke someone when you leap on her and punch her.

Galnir: *Grin*

Shindrika: *snaps at him* Stop grinning.

Galnir: Make me.

Shindrika: You'd like that, wouldn't you.

Galnir: **runs a hand through his hair, smiles darkly*

Shindrika: *decides to ignore him. Goes and sits somewhere. Perhaps later will go wandering aimlessly.*

Galnir: *watches*

Shindrika: *ignores*

Galnir: *laughs*

Shindrika: *still ignores. coolly.*

Shindrika: *BRILLIANT IDEA.*

Galnir: *wonders*

Shindrika: *Shh. doesn't show it.*

Shindrika: *sllllowly, sneakily, turns her gaze on Galnir and begins to watch him with narrowed, studying eyes.*

Galnir: *quirks a brow

Shindrika: *watches him in a sort of sidelong glance, as if not directly watching him because her face is turned away. Then, slowly, she turns her face a little, watching him more openly, her golden eyes glinting from the fire in the room, distant enough to leave the rest of her shaded.*

Galnir: *He shivers a little, grin faltering. It feels like all the shadows close in on him. They seem to move oddly, on the walls behind him*

Shindrika: *HIDES her sense of victory.  Watches him a moment more, then flicks her gaze down to his boots and back up again, sharpening when it reaches his face again.*

Galnir: *watches, shadows licking up at her feet*

Shindrika: *Notices. Eyes them and then eyes Galnir, sparking a warning in her look. She doesn't know what's going on, but she doesn't like it.*

Galnir: *has no control, and looks..almost pathetic, for a split second, before looking away*

Shindrika: *slightly curious now. Can't help watching him now. Says quietly:* What are you, Easterling?

Galnir: I know not.I remember great shadow, and fear.

Galnir: And through that shadow, golden eyes..

Shindrika: you know no one?

Galnir: Nay, none.

Shindrika: *makes a decision she can't quite explain* ...then you can come with me.

Galnir: *raises an eyebrow**remembers* I have met some, including an elf who burned me with her touch. But..I would rather join you. *light elf lady scares him XD*

Shindrika: ...those you have met, but not those you know. Yes?

Galnir: *nodS*

Galnir: *hesitantly* Would you rather not kill me?

Shindrika: *slightly amused* Then I'd have killed you and not invited you along.

Galnir: *laughs*

Shindrika: *holds up a warning finger* But if you try anything treacherous, I will.

Galnir: *laughs, stands, and approaches. Candles flicker at his movement.

Shindrika: *guard rises. eyes him somewhat defensively. Wonders if he's going to attack her again, but is ready.*

Galnir: *boldly touches her chin with a finger**it's very frigid*

Shindrika: *narrows her eyes at him; feels a strange sense of nervousness, or maybe even a twinge of fear at something. But she is also strong and defensive, warning.* The only thing you're sharing with me is the road.

Galnir: You fear that as well?

Shindrika: If you're going to be doing this the whole time I might as well kill you.

Galnir: You are like an alpha wolf, you wish to put into place your authority. *statement*

Shindrika: *glaring* Now that you know it, remember it. *pushes his hand away*

Galnir: *smiles grimly, and steps back*

Shindrika: I offered you solution to your solitude because I see some of myself in you. Don't take advantage of my hospitality.

Galnir: *nods, light eyes staring at her intensely.* Thank you.

Galnir: *sits, a respectful distance away - almost*

Shindrika: *crosses her arms in an "I settled it" fashion*

Haladreth: *quirks an eyebrow, amused. Likes Shindrika*

Galnir: Where were you born?

Shindrika: In Khand.

Galnir: *smiles, bemused* You are far from home.

Shindrika: *smiles, almost a little smirk* You are farther.

Galnir: But I remember little of the journey.

Shindrika: *Shrug* I remember little of mine. It was uneventful. Dull.

Galnir: *chuckles*
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