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Who: Shindrika and Galnir
What: ZOMG FIRST MEETINGS! Copied right out of Lotro!

Shindrika eyes the new stranger.

Galnir stares into the fire, deep in thought. He seems oblivious to the scrutiny

Shindrika watches discreetly, thinking how this man must have come very far west indeed.

You say, 'If you keep looking, perhaps something might happen. I might suddenly jump to my feet and do a song and dance.'

Shindrika smirks. "Why do you think I am waiting?"

Galnir shakes his head, 'Then you wait in vain.'

Shindrika says, 'You are more than a stranger here. I see it in your face.'

Galnir looks away from the fire, finally, meeting Shindrika's eyes. His expression changes, just a little, and he stands, 'I am called Galnir.'

Shindrika blinks, narrowing her eyes warily at the stranger and his change.

Shindrika says, 'I am called Shindrika.'

You say, 'I have seen your eyes, before, long ago in shadow.'

Galnir laughs, and replies, 'It weighs heavily, upon most, especially farther east.'

Shindrika studies Galnir. "I do not think I have been so far east as you."

Galnir smiles, grimly, and tries to hold her eyes with his, 'That life is behind me. I look forward now.'

Shindrika does not return his smile, however grim, but continues to watch him with narrowed, darkly-painted golden eyes. "East has become the way forward," she says, "with the rising dark we all must face."

Shindrika says, 'But tell me--in what darkness have you seen me? For I know not your face.'

Galnir fidgets, and runs a hand through his hair, 'I died, but did not die, and when I was in the light again, I was drawn from the darkness by golden eyes.'

Shindrika is surprised.

Shindrika says, 'You... died, but you did not die. I was about to offer you a drink, but I think you may have had enough.'

Avarian sits, quietly, and eyes the two by the fireplace.

Galnir looks at her, dryly, then throws back his head, and laughs.

Shindrika shakes her head slightly. "You are strange, Easterling. What brings you this far west?"

Avarian raises an eyebrow.

You say, 'I know not. I woke up, in the Lone lands. I remember my home, and my town, and being under attack. I remember little between that.'

Shindrika says, 'The little you remember is made of many miles. You do not know, then, if you passed through Khand.'

You say, 'Nay, I know not.'

You say, 'I remember elves, and burning light.'

Avarian raises her *other* eyebrow.

Shindrika looks around briefly. "You are most unwary to be telling such things to strangers."

Avarian takes a small kit out of her pack and opens it, removing a needle and thread. Then she removes her cloak, and begins to mend a rip along the bottom.

Galnir grins, the sort of grin where all the teeth are bared.

Shindrika looks at Galnir as if he were a thing possessed.

Shindrika says, 'What will you do, then, now that you are here?'

Galnir glances around, something flashing, dark in his eyes, 'There are bandits, and bad folk, I suppose. And a growing shadow, that makes me itch.'

Avarian nods her head softly, still stitching her cloak.

Shindrika nods slightly, curious about this very strange foreigner. "Have you actually had anything to drink?"

Galnir is still grinning, in the very same manner as before, 'Nay, I have not. Why? Do you wish a challenge?'

Shindrika looks at Galnir slyly. "That was not why I asked." She paused, considering what he said. She did not like to get drunk with strangers. Yet... "I have already had one drink. Consider it my handicap--you will need it."

Galnir fishes some coins from his pocket, eyeing them like something preeecciousss. But decides he can go knock some Brigand heads together and take their money if he needs it, 'So be it, Shindrika.'

Avarian absolutely can't help but look amused, smirking at her cloak as she puts the last few stitches into place.

They walk over to the bar!

Galnir knocks back a beer.

You use the Small Beer.

You say, 'That is two.'

Shindrika says, 'And that is two.'

Shindrika says, 'Is that all you can drink?'

Galnir grins, and orders them some more drinks. Harder stuff this time.

Shindrika is up for the challenge

Shindrika is up for the EASY TASK, rather.

Galnir knocks back two ales in quick sucession.

Shindrika says, 'Three.'

Shindrika says, 'Four.'

You say, 'Four.'

You say, 'And five.'

Shindrika says, 'And five? Did I miss one while I was drinking?'

Galnir grins, 'I drank two in succession, while you were on your third. Did I not, Miss?' He grins at the barmaid.

Shindrika says, 'Aye, you did. Then I drank a fourth.'

Shindrika says, 'If you're going to keep staring at that barmaid's blouse you might as well put some money in it and keep drinking.'

Galnir waves a hand, 'Close enough.' He glares back at her, and thwaps a hand upside her head 'Drink more.'

Shindrika swats at Galnir's hand roughly. She considers punching him.

Galnir slurs a bit, 'You've got eyesh..watching me...always watching me.' He knocks back another drink.

Avarian is still eyeing the two darker skinned folks at the bar, having put her sewing kit away.

Shindrika glares at Galnir. "I have eyes. Eyes always watch things."

Shindrika downs another one.

You say, 'You understand not.'

Shindrika says, 'What on EARTH are you doing?'

You say, 'You..undershtand not.'

You say, 'I saw your eyes.'

Galnir laughs.

Shindrika says, taking another drink, 'Yes. You're looking at them right now. Very good.'

Galnir grins toothily, his teeth bright white against the shadows on his face.

Shindrika laughs. "You are a lightwit. ...weight..."

You say, 'Lightwight? Wights..' He scoffs.

Shindrika laughs 'What's that about wights?'

Shindrika says, 'So tell me, Galnir. How do you know these eyes you saw were mine?'

Shindrika has a little more to drink.

You say, 'I've looked, in othersh.'

Galnir drinks again, then reaches over towards her - and falls over.

Shindrika says somewhat mockingly, "In what othersh?" until she realizes that her slur was genuine.

Avarian raises an eyebrow.

You say, 'You jussh shlurred.'

Shindrika pokes Galnir with her foot. "You ARE a lightweight. What are you doing down there?"

Galnir kicks Shindrika's chair out from under her.

Shindrika lies down

Galnir laughs, and prods her.

Shindrika says, 'Ow. What is wrong with you?'

Shindrika kicks Galnir while he's down.

You say, 'Your boots..match my pants.'

Shindrika blinks in realization. "Your boots... match MY pants."

Galnir pulls himself up.

Galnir prods Shindrika in the chest.

Shindrika glares at Galnir indignantly. She immediately punches him in the arm.

Galnir laughs and smacks her in -her- arm.

Shindrika frowns and says, "You're just drunk. Go pass out by the fire."

Galnir looks a little pale - as though the idea of being too close to the fire was anathema to him.

Shindrika wonders if that paleness means he's going to lose all of his drink. "Or..." she corrects, "perhaps we'd better get you air... or a bucket."

Galnir folds his arms, and glares at her. And wobbles.

Shindrika says, 'You're drunk.'

Shindrika pokes Galnir roughly in the shoulder to test his balance.

Galnir wobbles, and falls over onto her.

Shindrika falls over!

Shindrika says, 'Ow! Bloody Easterling! You weigh too much!'

Galnir pushes himself up, and grins at her, breath reeking of ale.

Shindrika tries to throw Galnir off of her before he gets up.

Galnir laughs and leans on the bar. He kind of has to lean on the bar. He can't stand!

Shindrika realizes that she has gotten this poor idiot drunk, and that she can't just *leave* him that way without either helping him or robbing him.

Shindrika is slightly unnerved by Galnir's gaze; it different from any she has seen. "You ought to get a room to sleep off your drink." That was a pretty good way of avoiding conversation about the familiar feeling she was almost certain was not from booze.

Galnir pushed himself away from the bar, and wobbles and stumbles towards the stairs.

Shindrika follows, just to make sure he doesn't crack his head open.

Galnir falls over into the bed.

Shindrika says, 'Good. You found a place to pass out.'

Shindrika wobbles a little.

Galnir gives her a rude gesture, then promptly passes out.

Shindrika considers stealing his boots, then decides they would be much too big for her.

Shindrika says, 'Maybe I'll see you on the road, Easterling. Have a good night's hangover, Galnir of the East.'

Avarian stares for a bit. Then shrugs, and leaves, like the wind.
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I can't believe you included ava's stuff in this. XDD