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Who: Renweardwen, Gramsael, and Eamyre
What: really damn old log of family bonding-ness chats!
When: This takes place after the last log. And is from about that time, too.

Gramsael sat up, Eamyre's head in his lap, watching her quietly, wishing, wanting, a mixture of anger and sadness across his face.

Nearby, Renweardwen was still, staring at Eamyre and with great trouble on her brow. There was something silent and sacred about the space--no one else could be in this room, not really, not even if they entered it.

Eamyre utters something, perhaps Gramsael's name, perhaps the name of the child that would never be, and moans, opening her eyes slowly.
Her head is still pounding and swollen from the hit a few days before.

'Min engel,' He whispers, and glances at his sister, looking somewhat worried and shaken.

Renweardwen's deep thoughtfulness lifts to reveal her desperate concern for Eamyre. She made to move, but did not, because Gramsael had Eamyre, but when she saw the look on Gramsael's face, Renweardwen moved to them.

Eamyre reaches for Gramsael's hand and squeezes it. 'Gramsael,' she whispers. Just to hear his name, to reinforce that he is there. Then her eyes catch Renweardwen and she tries to find a smile, 'Little sister!'

He can't help it, his face breaks into a soft smile, 'Yes, little Rennie has come all this way, just to see you!'

Renweardwen cannot help but smile in response. It is an irrepressable smile full of relief and tears that she refused to cry. She reached for Eamyre's other hand and took it gently.

"Hello, Eamyre," she said, trying to hide the anxiety in her voice. She would not cry now, not here, not with Eamyre like this. She had cried enough already. "I am so glad to see you awake!"

'It is a good day to be awake, with min freond and min sister-freond both here to greet me. You have come a long way, though, simply to see me.' she smiles. It seems a bit more genuine.

'She was foolish,' Gramsael chides gently. 'But I am glad to see her.' He winks at her.

"Only a little foolish--an unfortunate trait of my family," she reassures Eamyre, shooting a dry look at Gramsael. She smiles then.
"I came all this way after you and Gramsael, through wolves and boars and brigands. You may be proud of your teaching."

'I am not proud of my teaching, but I may be proud of my pupil,' Eamyre says with a bit more strength. She sits up, still in Gramsael's arms, and leans back against him.
'Boars and Brigands, and not a scratch on you? You would make a fine Rider, though I think perhaps your Broder would kill me for suggesting it.'

'Aye, I would,' he intones. 'I would make you clean manure for a decade.'

Eamyre wrinkles her nose, 'That would not be fun, no.'

Renweardwen laughed. "I won't do that to either of you," she said. Oh, how GLAD she was that Eamyre could be this way now, after all that had happened. After a moment she asked more quietly, "Do you hurt very much, sister?"

Eamyre frowns, 'Nay, let us not speak of this,' she says in a more sober tone. She looks suddenly a bit more dim.
'I would rather pretend nothing happened, at all, and that we are simply lazing about in bed because I drank too much the night before.'

'Eamyre,' Gramsael says. 'I do not think that best.'

"I am sorry," Renweardwen said. "I only... I only wished to know if I might touch you without..." She was too reluctant even to use the word 'pain' after Eamyre told her not to talk about it.

Eamyre ignores Gramsael for a moment and flashes a smile at Rennie. 'Get over here and hug me, before I try and disentangle myself from your broder to come to you, and fall all over myself in the process.'

Renweardwen broke out a great, shining smile, and immediately climbed to wherever she could best hug Eamyre. She immediately wrapped her arms around the other woman.
The familiar smell of her friend and teacher--her sister--nearly made her cry for gladness again after she had worried about her for so long.

Gramsael rubbed at one eye. Dust, that's all it was...

Eamyre hugged Renweardwen tightly against her, with almost the strength of a Gramsael-style hug. The presence of the younger, more innocent woman did drive her to tears, ones she did not even bother hiding.
'Bema but it is good, to have you here, and Gramsael too. I thought never to survive this.' she whispers.

'I am glad you did,' He says, unable to hide his love and his worry from his eyes.

"I did not think you would die," Renweardwen says. She was stubborn and absolute again, or at least she sounded it. "You should never think so. You haven't yet," she said in a little jest.

Eamyre chuckles, softly. Almost wryly. 'Nay, I have not, and I have survived damn near everything, now.'

'She is stronger than I,' Gramsael claims!

"Smarter," Renweardwen teased.

He nods his head, in full agreement of that! Then winks and reaches over, ruffling his sister's hair, 'You both have things I lack.'

'That is not true,' Eamyre shakes her head. Then winces and mutters. 'I am more foolish and more weak than the both of you, in a great many ways.'

Renweardwen was too caught up in the thought of Eamyre to be bothered by Gramsael's ruffle. She curled against Eamyre.
"Let us stop saying how foolish and weak all of us are. Instead, you should hear how strong and brave Gramsael was while we searched for you."

'Gramsael is always strong, and brave. Always.' Eamyre says, smiling, 'But I will hear your tale.'

Gramsael laughs, the sound like the raucous of a tavern during happy hour.

"He killed many spiders," Renweardwen said, "and went into their nest ahead of us to do it. He drove off wolves and boars and killed many evil men. I do not think I could have come this far to find you without him--at least not in time to see you." She sighed. "It was not really a tale. I have had no time to think of songs yet."

'It is good enough,' He replies, enveloping them both in a hug, kissing his sister on the cheek. ' A fine tale, little sister! But we must not forget your voice that rose above the din of sword on shield, and spurred us onward!'

'Ahead of ... us?' Eamyre frowns.

'Laeriel, Laerion's sister!' Gram grins fondly. Entirely too fondly.

When Eamyre isn't looking, Renweardwen shoots Gramsael an "omg, that was dumb" look.

'... I owe you 10 silver then?' Eamyre says, putting on a smile that to be honest she is not quite feeling. 'Congratulations, min freond. She will be good for you.'

'Nay, there is no need for that,' Gramsael replies, shaking his head. 'I have gained a freond, and I've found you again. That is enough.'

"No she won't," Renweardwen blurted out, insisting.

Renweardwen then decided that this was turning into the Talking Time she had anticipated. She hugged Eamyre more tightly for a moment, then kissed her on her cheek where she had no bruising.
"I will leave you, but only for now." She had that look on her face of: you have much to talk about with my brother (and so do I).

Eamyre looks at Renweardwen for a moment, nearly pleading her not to leave because the things they are going to talk about? Not so much what she wants to deal with.

Renweardwen waited. "Or I will stay, if you want me. I only want to do what makes you better."

'Stay, please,' Gramsael bids her. 'I are min sister. You are family, hers as well as mine.'

Renweardwen thought she knew what was best for Eamyre, but Eamyre was still her elder and her teacher, and Renweardwen did not like insisting strongly with her in minutia.

Eamyre nods her head, too, 'Please stay.'

Renweardwen nodded, and went back to where she had been hugging Eamyre.

'And tell me about this Laeriel. She has nice, rich brown hair if I recall.' She smiles. 'Is she good? Will she be kind to him? Or will she be fiery like we rohirrim, and break his face if he stays out too late drinking?'

"They are not going to marry, sister," Renweardwen said quickly. "Do not speak as if they are."

Gramsael weighs his words for once, uncertain how to say what he needs to say, 'She will not have me, not like that. She is a friend, and that is where our love stops.'

"And he will not have her either," Renweardwen made a point of saying. According to her conversation with him, at least, he preferred another, and that was enough for Renweardwen's conclusion.
Apparently, despite some initial reservations, Renweardwen had no problem with butting right in.

'She is a fool then, to not have you.' Eamyre sighs, softly, knowing how hypocritical she sounds right about now. 'I should speak to her.'

"No," Renweardwen insisted. "I will not have her." She sounded very authoritative, as if she were stepping in for her own parents, even though she was the younger sibling and it didn't work that way.

'You will not have her?' Gramsael's eyes flashed angrily, his rarely seen temper flaring just a tad. It fades quickly, 'I cannot have her, anyway.' He glances at Eamyre, his eyes saying 'and you are what I want.'

'You ... will not have her?' Eamyre echoes Gramsael, completely unaware of the expressions in his eyes because he is behind her. 'You have someone in mind, then.'

'Aye. She's a strong woman, with golden hair, and can out ride me on horseback. She's someone I've known a very long time, and loved since I first knew what a woman was.'

Renweardwen did not like the anger in Gramsael's eyes. She almost shrank, because she knew she was out of line in the first place, but out here she had absolutely no appeal to a greater authority than her brother, and she felt the situation to be of critical importance.
"No one would have her," Renweardwen insists. "Not our parents and not I. I do like her. I do not like her for a sister."

Gramsael very much loves his sister, and for once is willing to accept this from her.

Eamyre's listening to Gramsael's words, and Renweardwens, and shaking her head. She shakes her head a few more times before her whole body starts to shake, just slightly, and then tears start running down her cheeks.

Renweardwen was going to say something else, but Eamyre began to shake, and she could say no more. She had to hold on to her and try to soothe her.

And Gramsael just hugs his two women close.

Eamyre finds this whole being held by sister thing to be new, and rather nice. She hugs Renweardwen and cries, and then is hugged by Gram, and still cries, and eventually falls asleep, all tear-stained. But still somehow a bit cute.
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