Snipe (sniperct) wrote in tales_of_glory,

Who: Galnir and Shindrika again? *innocent look
What: Part 1, metalog, fighting and making friends? Kinda?

Galnir: *snort*

Shindrika: What?

Galnir: *eyes*

Shindrika: ... WHAT. *suspicious*

Galnir: *EYES*


Galnir: Why do you paint black around your eyes? *Accusingly*

Shindrika: So my eyelids don't get sunburnt.

Galnir: *nods slowly**folds arms* They bring out the gold in your eyes.

Shindrika: *puzzled at him; tries not to show it* ...thanks?

Galnir: *eyes her, rather obsessively*

Shindrika: *weirded out* Now what are you looking at?

Galnir: There is almost a light, about you

Shindrika: I think that's just the window.

Galnir; *smirk*

Shindrika: *irritatedly* Go back to bed. You're still strange.

Galnir: *growls a bit*

Shindrika: Cranky too. *crosses arms and does something else* You probably need a nap.

Galnir: I've only been awake six hours. *steps close, grinning ferally*

Shindrika: *narrows her eyes at him with great defense! puts a hand on him and tries to push him slowly back.* Then do something better with your time.

Galnir: *Grasps her wrist, his hand is rather cold. Noticeably so.**he tries to not let her push him away* Do you fear? What do you see?

Shindrika: *Becoming VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.* What the hell are you doing?

Galnir: Are you afraid? Do you see shadow? Do you feel it? Or do your eyes chase it away?

Shindrika: I do not fear. Let go or I'll cut off the hand that holds me. *doesn't answer the other questions. Her eyes are hard and impenetrable, and she is hiding confusion and discomfort.*

Galnir: *Squeezes his fist harder* Try me.

Shindrika: *PUSHES at him with all her weight except enough to remain standing, and hooks a heel behind his leg.

Galnir: *Falls foward, trying to pull her down with him*

Shindrika: *JUMPS into it, pulling out a long knife, and lands on him but with her foot and knee on the ground around him. Holds the knife to his throat, quick like a snake, unless he does something else.*

Galnir: *Is still a little rusty and can't stop that, but his own knife presses down against the back of her neck, right about where the brainstem is.**He grins, cheshire-like*

Shindrika: *watches him for a long time, motionless, her eyes narrowed, trying to figure him out. The knife apparently doesn't bother her very much.* Just what the hell do you want, anyway?

Galnir: I only know I am drawn to you like a moth to flame.

Shindrika: You really should have learned better lines. That one is for girls who work in bars.

Galnir: I doubt they'd be quite as entertaining as you
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