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Who: Avarian, Laerion, Haladreth, Eamyre
What: Post-skanky-guy-death aftermath! And a first meeting, of sorts.
When: Right after the last post of mine.
Format: n00b.

Avarian ghosted Laerion up the stairs. She's already pulling specially treated thread and herb-treated bandaging from her pack, and grabbed a raw steak from bob in the kitchens on her way up.

Haladreth whispers something, very softly, far too low for Eamyre to hear, and otherwise just gently hugs the woman. She meets Laerion's eyes as he enters, then gives him a look over and smiles wryly, coining the phrase, 'You look like something the cat dragged in.' She moves to go help him, then glances at Eamyre, wondering if she needs her more.
There's something shadowed in the woman's eyes.

Avarian enters the room a bit after Laerion does, nodding her head to everyone. She sets rolls of bandaging, the roll of thread, a needle, and a jar of herbs on the table near the door, then holds out the raw steak to Laerion. 'For your face.'

'Thank you,' He says wryly, putting it to his face as Haladreth comes over and inspects the arrow wound. 'I was in haste. I miss rarely. I am sorry.'

He smiles at her, 'Forgiven, the moment it struck me.'

Avarian walks over to where Eamyre is, picking up a nearby candle and holding it in front of the woman's face, gently opening the woman's eyelids and flashing the candlelight at them. I think she's checking for dilated pupils. Eamyre trembles underneath the touch, but there's something about Ava's presence that tells her Ava isn't a threat.

She sets the candle down, looks at Haladreth and Laerion with an oddly guarded expression, and nods. 'She will need to be kept awake, here and there.' she says, softly, 'I will get water for you to wash the wounds with.' and she steps out, gracefully and swiftly. It's almost like she wasn't there.

Haladreth breaks the shaft of the arrow, then pushes it through Laerion's arm, before calmly stripping his shirt off to tend to the arrow wound. He takes it in stride, ignoring a nasty bruise along his ribs. The arrow and his nose are the worse off. And his jaw hurt like hell. He asks, straightaway, 'Eamyre, are you all right?'

Though it is clear she isn't quite all right, he felt the need to be redundant and ask. Scowling a little, Haladreth tightened a tournoquet around his arm a little -too- tight, in silent reproach. He hissed a bit, and shot her a look.

Ava pops in with a bowl of water and sets that down on the table, too, then pops back out. Whatever is going on between Haladreth and Laerion is certainly none of her concern, and it seems like the huntress has everything more or less handled. She wanders back downstairs and takes up her usual spot, ordering an ale even though it won't do her much good.

Eamyre shudders and sighs, 'I am fine.' she whispers, curling up further. Her face is starting to get a nice, purple-blue bruise to it. Ava should have brought her a steak, too!

Haladreth looks annoyed, and heads downstairs. She gets another steak - then grabs Avarian by the scruff of her neck and yanks her up, 'I cannot do this alone. Eamyre needs my attention, and Laerion still has bruises and wounds to tend.'
She leaves her there, and walks upstairs. There's no dishonour in admitting that. Besides, she'd taken care of the wound SHE'D caused.

Avarian raises an eyebrow and heads back upstairs, rolling up her sleeves. She's kind of glad that she wore her hair in a non-pointy-ear-showing way today, so she can take her cloak off without fear. She enters the room and eyes Haladreth. 'Where can I help most?'

She was washing her hands, and nodded her head to Laerion, 'His nose is broken, and I fear to try to set it - I've never had to, before.' Wiping her hands dry in her pants, she sat down next to Eamyre and applied the steak to her face.

Eamyre winces a bit and cuddles in against Hala. Avarian nods, pulls out a chair, and eyes Laerion. "Sit." She points at the chair, then washes her hands, scrubbing some of the herbs she brought against her hands to really clean them, then rinsing them off.

Haladreth cuddles Eamyre against her, almost motherly, certainly extremely familiarly, and watches Avarian as Laerion sits, per orders.

Avarian wets a rag and takes it to Laerion's face, squeezing and tipping his head forward. She notes in the back of her head how soft his hair is with a sigh. When she's got the blood coming out of his nose mostly stopped, she nods. 'Brace yourself, this will hurt.'

Eamyre is just... done. She's had enough. I think something inside her seriously snapped. Her eyes are closed and she just lets herself sink into a nice, deep sleep.

'I am ready,' He replies stoically. There's something vastly familiar about her. In the way she moves, the way she talks. Beyond just when he watched her spar and practice. And there was something very, very old about her.

But Haladreth knew. She'd known the moment she'd seen her - and save for a few rare glimpses, she'd never seen an elf up close, let alone one of the Eldar, but she knew of legends. There was light there, wanting to burst out. There was light there for Laerion to find, and something inside of her knew this was the one Laerion was meant for. It was clear in the way they looked at each other - and neither, really seemed to know the extent of it.

Two couples, vastly different, but with loves so true. Haladreth felt blessed to witness it, despite all the hardships and evil that had befallen them.

Haladreth did not believe in fate - but then, she didn't know Galnir. She only knew that, long ago, it had been decided that if Laerion should meet Avarian, they belonged together. A destiny of it's own. And something pure.

Avarian nods. She can feel Haladreth's eyes on her but she's really, really trying to ignore it. She sets Laerion's nose with all the swiftness and gentleness of an expert, then wipes at it again and starts rolling out bandaging. 'You are lucky that this did not kill you.' She says, softly.

'Sometimes the nose can splinter up into the head. It is dangerous. Though I think perhaps the death would have been worth it. Not that it is any of my business, but I am very glad that man is no longer a threat to the girl.' She starts wrapping bandaging around his nose, then around his head to keep it in place.

'I have seen men die thus,' Laerion replies calmly, watching her work with rapt fascination. He felt himself..moved.

Avarian nods, setting that bandage into place and threading up a needle, then heating it. She begins stitching up the wound left behind by the arrow.

Haladreth raised an eyebrow, a bit perterbed - she hadn't thought the wounded had needed stitching and it was annoying to be wrong. She says nothing though, and merely watches.

Laerion? Hisses a bit.

Ava crushes herbs into the hole left behind by the arrow as she works, to numb it and prevent infection, then lifts his arm and works on the other side, as well. 'You crafted these arrows? Very well done, there are no splinters, even.'

'Thank you. I learned from some of the best of my kinsmen and women.' Haladreth actually smiles, 'I am still sore I missed, but I was throwing, not shooting.'

Laerion laughs a little, 'It pierced far, for being thrown, Lady.'

'Well done,' Ava chuckles, wrapping bandaging around that wound and releasing the tourneqet(sp? XD ) and looking him over. She lifts the steak off of his face and nods. 'I will need more water.' she says, then goes to get fresh.

Haladreth cuddles Eamyre against her, kissing the woman's face, 'You could have died Laerion.'

Laerion nods his head, 'I would consider it a worthy death, even were she not someone I knew.'

'That makes you an honourable man,' Haladreth replies, staring at him, something odd in her eyes. The expression passes, near as soon as it was there. She smiles at his bashful reaction, but notes the pride in his posture.

'I would expect no less from a soldier of Gondor,' Avarian adds, with a nod, as she enters. She's got a fresh bowl of water in her hand, and she shakes some herbs into it.

She stirs the herbs with a finger, staring into the water a bit to make sure the herbs are blending in, then nods and and picks up a rag, tearing it into strips. She soaks the strips, then kneels and starts laying them out against the bruise along his ribs. She's pressing hard as she does it, testing for broken ribs.

Laerion winces a bit, but makes no sound outside of some strained breathing. Haladreth just chuckles.

Avarian wrinkles her nose. 'I think one of these is cracked or broken, but it does not seem to have pierced your lung at least. You will want to stay down and quiet for a few days, and I will bind it stiffly so that it does not move around too much.' She starts unrolling the more stiff bandaging she has, and gets to work. Eamyre is pitching around a bit in her sleep, I think she's having that nightmare again.

Hugging Eamyre a little tighter, Haladreth says quietly, 'Thank you.' Laerion just chuckles, 'You are talented, Lady.'

Avarian shakes her head. 'I have simply seen enough of wounds and battle to know things.' She glances over at Eamyre, and then looks at Haladreth 'I think there might be swelling in her head.' Then she gets up gracefully, and tucks a few things back into her pack, and digs around, finally pulling out a few packets of herbs and a mug. She's happy to note there's still a kettle with warm water on the fire, and she scoops some out to make tea with, then hands the mug to Laerion. 'Drink that, and then get into a bed.'

Laerion looks at her stubbornly, 'I have been injured worse, I do not need sleeping draught.' He glances at Eamyre, 'It is she I worry for.'

Haladreth just nods solemnly, 'Laerion, if you could? Compose a letter to Gramsael.' She hesitates, then adds, 'I know not how to write.' He nods again, and Haladreth looks satisfied, turning her attention to pat Eamyre's cheeks to keep her from falling asleep.

Laerion glances at Avarian, and tests her reaction, 'Thank you for your aide, Hwindcrist.'
[to be continued!]
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