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Who: Eamyre, Haladreth, Laerion, Avarian, A Skanky Rohirriguy/dunlending runt named Theodhrim, bob the kitchen guy, a constable, and the kitchen sink.
What: Death of said skanky Rohirriguy.
When: Sometime after Eamyre miscarries and before Gramsael finds her.
Format: no clue. V. v. inexperienced mun here.

It's been a few days since the events leading up to the miscarriage of Eamyre and Gramsael's child. Eamyre's been kept in a drugged sleep for most of the last few days, only awake here and there to eat - which she seems to do sparingly, if at all. The bleeding has finally stopped, but she's still being told to rest and recover. Hala just recently plunked her into a tub, then dried her off, threw a clean shift over her head, and tucked her into bed. She's sleeping.

Haladreth is downstairs, speaking with Laerion in quiet tones.

Theodhrim's annoyed. The cute little exotic dark girl (Zaira, who he was stalking earlier) is most likely going to be plucked by that scruffy man that tucked her into bed the other night. He makes his way back into Bree, and into the Pony, noting Eamyre's woman and some man speaking to eachother. He already knows Gramsael isn't at the Pony. His face settles into a demonic little smirk and he slips upstairs.

He isn't actually sure which room Eamyre is in. So he just starts randomly opening them and peeking inside. He does this pretty damn discreetly, since he doesn't want to get caught.

'I would prefer she tell him herself,' Haladreth is saying to Laerion, who nods his head. 'It would be best. He should know, and it should be from her, but it is not my place. If she does not, I would have you do so. He is your friend, is he not?'

Laerion rubbed at the scruff on his face, and shook his head a little, 'A friend yes. He called me brother. It would not be my place, either. Perhaps I should talk to her.'

Theodhrim finally comes upon Eamyre's room. He enters it quietly, shutting it behind him and locking it. Smart skanky man. He stands beside the bed and looks at her. Her hair is still wet, and she's curled on her side, so it's cascading around her and the pillow in little blond wet wavycurls. She's whimpering and crying in her sleep, and he smirks again, because he bets he knows what she's dreaming about. He's one-handed, so this takes some *skill*, but he takes off his belt gently pulls Eamyre's arms back. He starts winding the belt around her wrists, going slowly so that she doesn't wake up. If she weren't drugged, she'd already be awake.

Skanky man, having checked the binding on Eamyre's wrists, slowly pushes her onto her back. He's thinking all sorts of naughty thoughts about how he never got a chance to taste her or feel her. I think he's currently deciding if he wants her to be awake for this, or not.

'If she is asleep we will let her sleep,' Laerion replies, standing and turning towards the stairs. 'If she is awake, we will speak to her, together. I will not presume to tell Gramsael when it is her duty to do so.'

Skanky guy decides he wants her awake, but he wants to get a good head start first so she can't really fight him on it too hard. Just in case, though, he balls up a bit of sheet linen and shoves it carefully into her mouth. He doesn't need her screaming! I think she's starting to wake up, actually. Her leg just twitched. He's running his hands over her body underneath that shift she's wearing. I can't wait for them to kill this guy.

Nodding her head, Haladreth watched Laerion start up the stairs, then followed after him. He reached the top and made his way down towards the room Haladreth had set up for Eamyre.

Skanky guy gets in a grope here, a grope there. She's nice and tight, and he groans and slides his pants down. Then he goes to mount her! D: But she's more awake than he realised, and she blocks him with her knee, letting out a muffled screech against the wadding in her mouth. She spits the cloth out, kicking him where it hurts, struggling aganist her bonds, and screaming more loudly - one that cuts out when he slams his fist against her temple. Hurry, Hala and Laerion! D:
The kick certainly has him more or less out of comission at the moment. He's still ON her, but he's not doing anything for a few minutes but cussing and seeing stars.

Both break into a run, Laerion reaching the door first. He pulls a knife and charges the man, who whirls and grabs Laerion's wrist. He's winded, but has mostly recovered from Eamyre's knee. The Gondorian takes a headbutt the the face and stumbles back, dropping his knife. Haladreth is trying to see an opening - Zaira's words, or no, she'll fucking KILL this man!

Laerion lashes out, taking the half-dunlending across the face with his fist, then taking a blow to his stomach, before shoving his shoulder into the assailant's chest and slamming him into the wall next to the window.

Eamyre's out cold. He hit her so hard that he broke the skin! She's lucky he didn't break her skull!

The jackass headbutts Laerion again, then twists him around and kicks him out the window - but Laerion grabs for the man's leg, taking him with him! Haladreth throws an arrow at the man's back, but in her haste misses, striking poor Laerion in the arm.

Avarian was outside when the two men burst through the window, practicing swords, and now stares at the two of them, swords at the ready, trying to discern faces and decide if either of them looks to be the one in the wrong, here.
She notes Haladreth up in the window still, and concludes that one of those fighting might just be Laerion, or someone who attacked Laerion, or her, or Eamyre.

Laerion is up first, but takes an upper cut to the jaw and lands hard on his back. He suddenly swings himself around, dodging a stomping kick that would have crushed his head, and grasps his hands together into a double-fist, slugging the half-Rohirric bastard in the side of the head. He takes a ham-fisted blow to his face, and stumbles back, shaking his head to clear it.

He ducks another blow, then jabs a fist into the bastard's stomach, then cracking across the jaw in a left hook, then a right hook, then an upper-cut of his own. The man falls onto his back with the sickening sound of flesh being pierced by jagged wood.

Ava notes that one of the fighters is, in fact, Laerion. And watches him with pride. And a bit of concern for the man's well-being. And respect, too. She's impressed.

Haladreth turns to check on Eamyre, saying loudly, 'Shh, it is Haladreth. Shh.'

Eamyre's head feels 5 sizes too big. She groans and struggles against the binding on her wrists. She's too wound up at the moment to think about what just happened long enough to get emotional about it. 'Wrists...' she murmurs, 'Can you undo them?'

Haladreth cuts the belt, sitting on the bed and cupping her cheek, 'Are you okay? Did he harm you?'

Below, a crowd as gathered as Laerion tries to explain himself to the constable. A few members of the crowd applaud, and a woman or two support him by claiming the man had 'taken a rough hand' to them, in the Tavern.

Avarian steps up to the constable and also says a few things in Laerion's support, mentioning she had seen the man in question lurking around a woman they both knew but had not been able to take action.

Eamyre shudders, 'Aside from the blow to the head, I do not think he got very far.' she says, softly. She's having a hard time meeting Hala's eyes, things are a bit fuzzy. 'He ... touched me, but that is all I remember.' she adds, even more softly.

'I am sorry,' She whispers, stricken. 'I heard a creaking upstairs but thought I was being overly paranoid. I am sorry, I should have moved faster... But he is dead now.'

'It is not your fault,' Eamyre sighs, closing her eyes and leaning back into her pillow. She massages her wrists and wills herself not to cry, 'We knew he would come. I kicked him, hard. I was not going to just let him. But it is not your fault. Do not be sorry.'

Laerion offers to help with the the clean-up and the constable lets him go. He declines a healer, in order to hurry upstairs to check on Eamyre. Haladreth, meanwhile, is nodding her head, and stroking her friend's hair, 'It delayed him, enough. Still, I could not get a clear shot without risking Laerion, and I fear I may have wounded him regardless.'

Eamyre nods, only semi-concious at this point. 'I am glad... that you were here..' she shudders, curling up in a ball and wrapping her arms around her knees.

[to be continued, next post!]
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