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Who: Gramsael and Renweardwen
What: We heart the sister! Meta!lazy!log!format
When: Recently!

Gramsael: *hugs sister*

Renweardwen: *hugs brother!*

Gramsael: You have been keeping out of trouble?

Renweardwen: ...*flatly* I traveled on the road to find you. Of course I haven't.

Gramsael: I mean....never mind 9_9

Renweardwen: So. *folds her hands behind her back and stands poisedly, like she'd always been taught to do.* You wished to know why I came after you, did you not?

Gramsael: Of course!

Renweardwen: *begins with names of riders* Do you remember Beorngar?

Renweardwen: Eohric? Waermund? Ricbert? Coenred? Heorogar? Wulmaer?

Renweardwen: *happens to be a list of riders who liked her*

Renweardwen: *or, alternatively, whom her parents liked and encouraged*

Gram: They were all good men *nods*

Renweardwen: Good. *folds her arms* But not good enough. And so I left.

Gramsael: It was dangerous, and stupid

Gramsael: You could have been killed

Renweardwen: *rolls her eyes* I would have died if I had stayed at home another day. Besides, I thought you were hardly far ahead of me. I did not expect you to travel so quickly.

Gramsael: Laeriel was in a hurry

Renweardwen: *eyebrow* And so are you, I've noticed.

Gramsael: *tilts his head* For what?

Renweardwen: In a hurry after Laeriel.

Renweardwen: Do you love her, brother? *seems to think he does not.*

Gramseal: I love her. I suppose I do not love her.

Renweardwen: You love Eamyre. *As if it were a command*

Gramsael: *nods slowly* I love Eamyre. That does not mean we will marry. Ever.

Renweardwen: If you love Eamyre, it is wrong for you to woo Laeriel.

Gramsael: Nay, nay. Laeriel is strong and fiery, and beautiful in her way...

Renweardwen: A husband must be devoted entirely, body and mind, to his wife. You cannot do that for Laeriel if you love Eamyre.

Gramsael: It would not be a bad life, Renweardwen, and you know that.

Renweardwen: And if there were no Eamyre, I would not object so strongly. But there is Eamyre, and she would keep you from being what oaths and duty would require you to be.

Gram: *sternly* She is min freond. Were she a man I would come to her side to anything. Such things matter not, and a wife would understand when her husband is needed by his freond. As a husband should understand when a wife is needed by hers.

Renweardwen: *in that "I'm not stupid, you can't fool me" voice* I know very well that she is not merely a friend, Gramsael. I have seen it since I was small. If you marry Laeriel and Eamyre remains in your heart in places that a wife belongs, you disgrace yourself.

Gram: *folds his arms, is mr. teddy bear stern man* You would have me remain alone, then otherwise? *Sighs* if I do not marry Laeriel, it is because she does not wish it. *looks a little forlorn..wanted children..and a home to defend!*

Ren: I would have you marry Eamyre.

Gramsael: *long sigh, murmurs* So would I..

Renweardwen: There. It is settled. You will stop wooing Laeriel and we shall find Eamyre, and when we bring her home you shall marry her.

Gramsael: It is not that easy!

Renweardwen: And why not?

Renweardwen: Why would she not want to marry you?

Gramsael: She would not.

Renweardwen: How do you know?

Gram: *levels a look at her* She fancies women *blunt*

Renweardwen: She fancies you. *pause. blink.* What?

Gram: YEs, that is an option.

Gram: *chuckles* She has, for a long time now... *him? Or teh womens?*

Renweardwen: *Waves a hand in the air dismissively* If she does not want to, she is mad, and not at all herself. I will counsel her, and she will come to her senses once she is home.

Gram: *Laughs suddenly, and hugs his sister to death*

Renwearden: ACK! *Strains!* Ow, Gramsael! Ow!

Gram: Never lose your innocence.

Renweardwen: What are you talking about? *frown.*

Gram: Never mind *puts her down and ruffles her hair

Renweardwen: *pushes away his arm! Takes a lot of effort to put up her massive length of hair which she refuses to cut*

Renweardwen: As I am getting you a wife, I charge you with getting me a husband. Father has not succeeded.
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