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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
3:24 am
'You say you've known my family - why?'
Who: Laerion and Avarian
Where: in a little camp outside of Trestlebridge.
When: about the same time as the previous log.

Avarian hasn't noticed Laerion yet, she just wiped sweat off her upper lip and went back to stitching.
It's a pretty long gash, it goes down the top of most of her forearm.

'Do you need help, with that?'

She looks up at him, needle in hand. 'I had stitched it before, but it came undone. How long have you been standing there?' she blinks.

'A few minutes,' He replies, smiling at her. He comes over, inspecting her arm.

She goes back to stitching it, though she holds it up a bit for him to get a better look. 'There were too many at once. I forget that I am not always as skilled as I once was.'
'I knew you were coming... I have long known.'Collapse )
2:21 am
Who: Gramsael, Eamyre
What: Log of a convo that happened not long after the previous one, in which Eamyre and Gramsael discuss love, and other things.
When: see above! (this was written the day after the previous, I believe)

Gramsael has not slept.
He's too busy guarding his woman.

Eamyre is sleeping all cuddled up in his arms.

He's watching her, bags under his eyes. He hadn't slept, he'd been watching her.

Eamyre awakens with Gramsael's name on her lips. It's a question, which she soon answers for herself by cuddling in against him and reaching for him, smelling him and knowing he is there, that it's him, that she doesn't need to be afraid. Still, she trembles a bit, and in the back of her mind - behind the voice telling her how wonderful it was to awaken like this - was a voice telling her she would never get over that, that she would wake up every morning trembling, and afraid. It made her sigh.

'I am here,' He reassures her. It seems like that's all he's been doing, since finding her again - reassuring her, holding her. Would he be able to do more, ever?

She re-arranges herself in his arms so that she can look at him, and notices the bags under his eyes with a frown, 'When did you last sleep?' she asks, her voice filled with concern.
'I must have loved you, even then.'Collapse )
1:53 am
Who: Renweardwen, Gramsael, and Eamyre
What: really damn old log of family bonding-ness chats!
When: This takes place after the last log. And is from about that time, too.

Gramsael sat up, Eamyre's head in his lap, watching her quietly, wishing, wanting, a mixture of anger and sadness across his face.

Nearby, Renweardwen was still, staring at Eamyre and with great trouble on her brow. There was something silent and sacred about the space--no one else could be in this room, not really, not even if they entered it.

Eamyre utters something, perhaps Gramsael's name, perhaps the name of the child that would never be, and moans, opening her eyes slowly.
Her head is still pounding and swollen from the hit a few days before.

'Min engel,' He whispers, and glances at his sister, looking somewhat worried and shaken.

Renweardwen's deep thoughtfulness lifts to reveal her desperate concern for Eamyre. She made to move, but did not, because Gramsael had Eamyre, but when she saw the look on Gramsael's face, Renweardwen moved to them.
'It is a good day to be awake...'Collapse )
Saturday, April 14th, 2007
4:27 pm
Who: Gramsael, Renweardwen and her hair, Laeriel, Laerion, Eamyre, Haladreth, Butterbur, and the city guard.
What/where: Universe A, The reuniting of Eamyre with Gramsael and Laerion with his sister! And Renweardwen's hair. <3
When: A few nights ago!

Renweardwen sighed and set her cup aside, then dug in her pack for a wooden comb. She pulled some of her hair over her shoulder and began working the comb through it with extreme idleness,
almost wishing she didn't have to do this while traveling, but finding comfort in it nonetheless.

Laeri watches her for some time, with hunger only BARELY hidden in her eyes. At long last, she rises, walking over to Renweardwen and sitting behind her. 'Here, I will comb the back for you, if you wish.'

Renweardwen was a little surprised, but very glad, and handed the comb to Laeriel. "Oh, please." She was very grateful, and sounded somewhat tired. "This time has been very strange for me--I am used to living with many women."
Much more than this happened, under the cut!Collapse )
Friday, April 13th, 2007
6:59 pm
'Even your eyes would put one of Varda's jewels to shame.'
Who: Thurinion - son of Caranwaen and Minuial, Gladharil.
Where: Universe B. That's all we're allowed to say. >.>
When: At some point a few days ago, before the nasty wolves ripped him a new one.

Along the water, Gladharil stands alone. She drops the robe she wears from her shoulders, her skin all but gleaming in the soft moon-light. She wades into the waters, and ducks beneath it.

Thurinion thought perhaps his eyes were still dazzled from earlier. He just caught a glimpse of something glowingly white in the moonlight, by the water. He wanders over to check, mostly to resolve that he did, in fact, see nothing. But instead, he finds a robe, and he scans his eyes across the water.

The half-sindar elf surfaces, throwing hair out of her face as water flowed down her body, clinging to every curve and beading along her skin. She looks up at the stars and smiles, twirling around in the water.
In which a young elf becomes completely smittenCollapse )
Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
7:33 pm
'I fear being burned.'
Who: Shindrika and Galnir
What: Part 2 Learning more about each other! And..other things!
When: Right after part 1!

Shindrika couldn't help it, and flashed a bright, cocky grin, as if to say: not a chance in Mordor. Something about his sense of humor and his sense of death made her feel like she was talking to herself. "You really don't care about this," she said, wiggling the knife, "do you."

He shakes his head, and grasps the knife's blade with his bare hand, squeezing it until blood dribbled out of his fist. He grinned at her, his breath like ice from the north, 'I fear nothing, especially not death.'

But I will go to death, for in this thing it is right to die.Collapse )
7:23 pm
Who: Galnir and Shindrika again? *innocent look
What: Part 1, metalog, fighting and making friends? Kinda?

Galnir: *snort*

Shindrika: What?

Galnir: *eyes*

Shindrika: ... WHAT. *suspicious*

Galnir: *EYES*

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10:09 pm
Who: Avarian, Laerion
What: Long talk, after Ava and Laerion leave the room Eamyre and Haladreth are in.
When: Right after/during my last post

'Perhaps I do not deserve a happy life, my Lord.' Avarian says, softly.

'I would dispute that,' He replies, squeezing her shoulder. 'Do not all deserve such?'

Avarian shakes her head. 'You would not say an orc, or a goblin, or one of those brigands that burned Archet deserved a happy life.'

'Of course not,' He replies. 'But elf, or mortal man of the West? Or even, say, men of the East and the South? Surely they are not all bad, merely enslaved?'

What if you were denied love?Collapse )
10:06 pm
Who: Haladreth, Eamyre, Laerion, Avarian
What: Tail end of the aftermath of the attack and death of that skanky guy.
When: Right after my last post!

Haladreth ran a hand through her hair, for once completely at a loss. She didn't know what to say, or what to do, really. She needed Gramsael, damn it! EAMYRE needed Gramsael, and she had no idea when that missive will reach him. She feared Eamyre might do something..drastic.

Avarian's outside, perched on a wall and watching the stars. She's nearly tired enough to actually sleep, for once. And deep in thought.

Laerion rests a hand on her shoulder, peering at her ears for a moment, before speaking, 'What advice, do you have, Lady?'

Eamyre curls up more, and shuts her eyes, 'Do you know this whole thing started because I spurned him? ... I was 12 when I first laid with a woman, and he came to me when I was 15.'

Avarian looks up at him, 'Call me Hwindcrist, or Avarian. I am no Lady.'

Haladreth nods, 'I am sorry.'

'Lady, I will call you what you are.' He offers her a smile, grunting as he sat upon the wall next to her.

Ava sighs and shakes her head, 'If you really knew me, you would not think so. As to Eamyre... it is no small thing, what she is dealing with. I felt like that for a good straight 3 thousand years, once.'

His eyebrows rose way up.

Eamyre frowns, 'They wanted me to be a proper woman. Do you not think that a proper woman marries a man and has his children,a nd settles down?'

Ava notices and chuckles. 'Yes. I really did. I deal with it still, here and there. When you live this long, sometimes, you see too much.'

'Perhaps,' Haladreth allows, cupping the woman's cheek. 'But you are not a proper woman. Do you want those things?' Meanwhile, outside, Laerion is gazing at Avarian, 'That does not sound like a happy life, my Lady.'

Eamyre frowns, 'Those things could be taken away from me as easily as anything else.'

'Do you want those things,' Haladreth repeats.

'I do not know,' Eamyre says, shaking her head, 'I do not know anymore.'

'Eamyre, think of it like thus. They wished to ruin you, damage you, break you. But if you want those things, and you take them, would it be your victory, or theirs, if you take it? It would spite them, show them you have not been cowed!'

Eamyre just shakes her head. 'I am already ruined, damaged, and broken. They achieved their goals. I may in time overcome it, but he is no young man, and I am no young woman. The time for us to be in love and together has long passed. Let it go.'

'I have an aunt,' Haladreth says, her eyes trying to seek Eamyre's. 'She was twice your age, now. She met a man, a year younger - and they were wed within a year. Love does not stop, for age.'

Eamyre shakes her head again, and snuggles against the bed. She's tired. She's just.. tired. 'I am tired..' she sighs.

'I know,' She whispers.

Eamyre finds Haladreth's hand and squeezes it.
6:39 pm
Who: Gramsael and Renweardwen
What: We heart the sister! Meta!lazy!log!format
When: Recently!

Gramsael: *hugs sister*

Renweardwen: *hugs brother!*

Gramsael: You have been keeping out of trouble?

Renweardwen: ...*flatly* I traveled on the road to find you. Of course I haven't.

Gramsael: I mean....never mind 9_9

She's so cuteCollapse )
9:27 pm
Who: Avarian, Haladreth, Laerion, Eamyre
What: Destiny, revelations, and Eamyre's mental state.
When: Right after the last post! (we talked a loooong time)

Avarian opens her eyes to lock them with Haladreth, 'I have been amongst your people, though that was some time ago.'

Laerion's mouth goes dry, and he just gazes at Avarian in wonder. Haladreth shakes her head, 'Living in Lindon, we have encounted the elven kind, on occasion, but we usually have kept to ourselves.'

'I know the song from before, when your people dwelt in the realm of Thargelion, which has now sunk far beneath the sea, never to return.' she says, softly.

Haladreth shakes her head, 'Those have always been tales to amuse children by, nothing more. My people have dwelt in those forests since Arnor's fall, and in forests farther East before that.''

'The forest of Brethil, on the outskirts of Doriath. But before that, it was Thargelion.' She chuckles, softly.

'Beleriand,' Laerion says quietly. Being around Laeriel, he'd picked up some things, here and there, and had taken somewhat of an interest in certain events.

'Look me in the eyes, and tell me that I am not broken.' Collapse )
9:14 pm
Who: Avarian, Laerion, Haladreth, Eamyre, and Destiny! :D
What: Yet more aftermath, and love at first soul-depth-eye-stare.
When: right after my last post.

Avarian raises an eyebrow. 'You are welcome, Laerion of Minas Tirith. This is not a sleeping draught. It IS something to relax the muscles, though, to keep you a bit more still so that you do not injure your ribs more. And you should be laying down, which is best done in a bed. However, you will do it your way.' she sighs, sets the mug down, and looks over to Eamyre. 'I am not sure what else we can do. There are a few things I can try, but all of them should only be done in the worst of cases. Things are complicated by the other events with her, of late. She has been near fell things, unless I am mistaken.' Then she gets out some writing materials from her pack, for him to use to get that letter to Gramsael with. 'Here, at least use these so you do not have to get up and get your own.'

Haladreth voice cuts through the air, quietly stating, 'Nazgul.'

Laerion leans back gingerly, taking the papers and setting out to write. He doesn't have his sister's way with words or text, but composes a letter in Westron, for Gramsael.

Avarian winces, 'One, or more?'

'Four, maybe five. They were claiming a ranger as one of their foresworn.' Haladreth ran a hand through her hair, shivering. 'The ranger's compatriots were able to fend off the Nazgul with fire, while we dealt with their Cargul.'

Avarian frowns, remembering the state Eamyre was in the night they brought her back, and the bleeding. Her eyes widen, '... Oh valar.'

All feelings before this feeling seemed to fall away like dustCollapse )
8:42 pm
Who: Avarian, Laerion, Haladreth, Eamyre
What: Post-skanky-guy-death aftermath! And a first meeting, of sorts.
When: Right after the last post of mine.
Format: n00b.

Avarian ghosted Laerion up the stairs. She's already pulling specially treated thread and herb-treated bandaging from her pack, and grabbed a raw steak from bob in the kitchens on her way up.

Haladreth whispers something, very softly, far too low for Eamyre to hear, and otherwise just gently hugs the woman. She meets Laerion's eyes as he enters, then gives him a look over and smiles wryly, coining the phrase, 'You look like something the cat dragged in.' She moves to go help him, then glances at Eamyre, wondering if she needs her more.
There's something shadowed in the woman's eyes.

Avarian enters the room a bit after Laerion does, nodding her head to everyone. She sets rolls of bandaging, the roll of thread, a needle, and a jar of herbs on the table near the door, then holds out the raw steak to Laerion. 'For your face.'

'Thank you,' He says wryly, putting it to his face as Haladreth comes over and inspects the arrow wound. 'I was in haste. I miss rarely. I am sorry.'

Forgiven, the moment it struck me.Collapse )
8:37 pm
Who: Eamyre, Haladreth, Laerion, Avarian, A Skanky Rohirriguy/dunlending runt named Theodhrim, bob the kitchen guy, a constable, and the kitchen sink.
What: Death of said skanky Rohirriguy.
When: Sometime after Eamyre miscarries and before Gramsael finds her.
Format: no clue. V. v. inexperienced mun here.

It's been a few days since the events leading up to the miscarriage of Eamyre and Gramsael's child. Eamyre's been kept in a drugged sleep for most of the last few days, only awake here and there to eat - which she seems to do sparingly, if at all. The bleeding has finally stopped, but she's still being told to rest and recover. Hala just recently plunked her into a tub, then dried her off, threw a clean shift over her head, and tucked her into bed. She's sleeping.

Haladreth is downstairs, speaking with Laerion in quiet tones.

Theodhrim's annoyed. The cute little exotic dark girl (Zaira, who he was stalking earlier) is most likely going to be plucked by that scruffy man that tucked her into bed the other night. He makes his way back into Bree, and into the Pony, noting Eamyre's woman and some man speaking to eachother. He already knows Gramsael isn't at the Pony. His face settles into a demonic little smirk and he slips upstairs.

He isn't actually sure which room Eamyre is in. So he just starts randomly opening them and peeking inside. He does this pretty damn discreetly, since he doesn't want to get caught.

'I would prefer she tell him herself,' Haladreth is saying to Laerion, who nods his head. 'It would be best. He should know, and it should be from her, but it is not my place. If she does not, I would have you do so. He is your friend, is he not?'

Cut for length, R-rated violence, et alCollapse )
Sunday, April 8th, 2007
8:41 pm
who: Galnir and Shindrika
What: too good not to post! Meta format though!
When: I have no clue. Sometime? We don't have to count it as IC if we don't wanna

 Galnir: *eyes*

Shindrika: Dammit. Not again.

galrni: *smirk*


Galnir: *tackles*

Shindrika: *CRASHWTF!*

Galnir: *punches!*

Shindrika: *WHAT THE HELL he ogles me then he punches me?!* *PUNCH!*
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Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
7:57 pm
Who: Shindrika and Galnir
What: ZOMG FIRST MEETINGS! Copied right out of Lotro!

Shindrika eyes the new stranger.

Galnir stares into the fire, deep in thought. He seems oblivious to the scrutiny

Shindrika watches discreetly, thinking how this man must have come very far west indeed.

I do not think I have been so far east as you.Collapse )
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